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Our kids grow up so fast. It seems like one day we’re celebrating their first baby steps, and in a blink of an eye, they’re catching the bus for their first say of school. The school pictures that grace the walls and mantels of our homes are the visual chronicle of our kids’ journey into their own lives, a pictorial history no parent can afford to miss.

That’s why your choice of a school portrait photographer is so important. In choosing a school photographer, you are in fact choosing the photographer who will create tomorrow’s family heirlooms. As you do so, we invite you to make a choice which ensures these precious memories are handled with care.

Is Your School Photographer Experienced?

When it comes to working with kids and teens, a school photographer needs to have experience working with fast moving targets and a variety of personalities. A first class school photographer knows how to elicit the bubbly grin, or sly smile that allows kids’ personalities to shine. The expert photographer knows how to quickly position each young person to capture the tilt of the head, and the sparkle in the eyes that brings a photograph to life. Consistently capturing this magic is our specialty, and a process we have refined through years of experience. Parents will cherish these heirloom quality photographs for years, and proudly share them with their friends and family.


School picture day has always been one of the most important days of the year, for kids, parents, and teachers. Most of us can recall the excitement of choosing the perfect sweater, the importance of getting our hair just right in preparation for our own yearly school pictures. A day this important should go off without a hitch. Having worked with schools throughout the region over many years, has taught us how to offer school photography that blends seamlessly into the rest of the school day. From set up to tear down, our school photography days are designed to be efficient, smooth-moving operations of utmost professionalism which leave both kids, teachers, and school staff members smiling from ear to ear.

Easy Ordering and Quick Turnaround

Over the years, we’ve captured hundreds of happy smiles, and doing so has helped us to create a system that parents love. We offer a simple ordering process to make sure each parent can choose a school photography package to suit their needs and family size. From large portraits to wallet size prints for “bragging books” we make ordering prints easy. Not only that, but we know how eager kids and parents get after seeing their proofs. Our quick order fulfillment means the excitement is still fresh when prints arrive.

Make the best choice for school photography. Choose quality. Choose Convenience. Call us today.

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